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28 August

Well, some spam accounts got through, so now I've turned on account creation approval. If you are a genuine Knebworthian, I'll approve immediately, of course!

The Parish Council have just completed on the purchase of the allotments. It now owns them, the Station Pub, the coachhouse (next to to the pub), the Village Hall and three recreation grounds (although the grounds are in part on leases from higher-tier councils).

The Village Hall is now back in use, for groups which are able to maintain suitable social distancing.

13 August

Some spam accounts have created fake pages. I think I've removed them all, but if I haven't, please tell me.


9th July

The Parish Council has decided to make the play equipment available again in those recreation grounds where it was unavailable.

The Parish Council voted to purchase the allotments.

The Parish Council was consulted on various changes in the retail centres in Knebworth with a view to making them more pedestrian and cyclist friendly.

29th June

Village Halls can open on 4th July! There are a number of restrictions, including enforcing social distancing and keeping a record of all visitors. See CDA Herts website for details.

26th June

The Station Pub will open on Sat 4th, but with some restrictions to ensure compliance with the current recommended levels of social distancing. Station Pub announcement.

19th June

Most of the barriers in London Road are going, and we probably won't get the traffic restrictions in Station Road. See the Parish Council website for more detail.

The Lytton Arms doesn't have an announcement on its website, but it is likely that it will not let the opportunity to open go to waste.

16th June

The cat Slinky has still not been found. Look out for the notices posted around the village.

The Lytton Arms is running very successful off-sales on Sunday mornings, with stalls from David Nye and Steve Nye and Derek Hughes selling locally-produced food and drink. Many local residents have taken avantage of Knebworth Green to enjoy a pint in the fantastic weather we've been having lately.

There is a groundswell of interest in the village for buying the allotments between St Martin's Road and Watton Road. Darren Gilbert, of Mather Marshall, is acting for the vendor. The asking price is £40,000, which is a tiny fraction of what the Parish Council spent on the Station Pub.

Most shops have now opened, and trade is improving, but the loss of parking in the High Street puts the shops at a huge disadvantage to the supermarkets in nearby towns with their large, free car parks.

Someone has posted a range of postcards of Old Knebworth in the village Facebook group. There are many first-class photos of local scenes posted in the group on an almost daily basis.

Knebworth JMI has opened, albeit cautiously.

The Parish News is going to start publishing again, in hard-copy, in July.

8th June

The barriers in London Road are widely considered to be a disaster. You can communicate your views via the link below.

Highways Social Distancing Scheme -- submit your comments

6th June

Hertfordshire Fresh also has a stall in the Lytton Arms car park on Sunday mornings. It is a sister company of The Great British Sausage Company, and is also run by David Nye.

22 May 2020

Steve Nye's Popup Beer Stall will be operating at the Lytton car park from 10am on Sunday. Be there or be thirsty!

18th May 2020 - Knebworth and Marymead Surgery finally relocate to new site in St Martin's Road

For more information, go to the practice's own website.

New page

I created a new page: News from the Comet. rises from the ashes!

I have managed to purchase the domain name at auction. I have, for the moment, mirrored it to this site. At some point, I might make it the primary domain, although, technically, a '.org' top level domain should be used only by organizations in the USA.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Please visit the Covid Response Team website for the latest info.

This website has a page on more generic Covid-19 News with some local coronavirus links.


Since the demise of, Knebworth has not had a general site to collect together news and information about the village. I thought a wiki would be a good choice, because with this sort of website anyone can register and contribute. I taught myself how to install mediawiki, and this is the result. Please feel free to explore, register and, if you feel the urge, contribute.

I haven't promoted this site on social media, as I am still tweaking the configuration of MediaWiki (the software the site runs on). I also felt that launching in a time of SARS-CoV2 was not exactly auspicious as the existing sites seem to be doing a good job of keeping folk informed. I am not an expert on the software and I want to make sure that it's robust and scalable before Knebworth folk start to put in the effort to create content on the site.

There are relatively few sources of news in Knebworth. An honourable mention must go to Knebworth News who tweets about local events. St. Martin's Church publishes a monthly edition of Knebworth Parish News, but this is available in hard copy only.

Knebworth is a very low-crime area, as is revealed by the UK Crime Map of the civil parish.

Knebworth has its own page on Wikipedia. The editors of Wikipedia are quite fussy about citing sources and generally not allowing any unsupported assertions from appearing on its pages. You can always practice your wiki creation skills by creating a page here before adding material to Wikipedia itself, as both sites use the same underlying content management system.