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Coronavirus: Some primary schools reopen as parents remain wary
Classes resume for some pupils in England after 10 weeks but a number of schools will stay shut.
2020-06-01 07:56:58
Coronavirus: Queen pictured outside for first time since lockdown
The monarch is pictured riding outside Windsor Castle, where she is isolating with Prince Philip.
2020-06-01 05:40:28
Coronavirus: School return begins and more businesses reopen
Five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this morning.
2020-06-01 06:12:01
Coronavirus changes how doctors deal with death
Five doctors administering end-of-life care reflect on the current crisis.
2020-05-31 23:01:35
Coronavirus: 'Our business can now get cracking' after lockdown
Outdoor markets and car showrooms in England are allowed to reopen from Monday amid the pandemic.
2020-05-31 23:01:06
Coronavirus: Belgian Prince Joachim apologises for Spanish lockdown party
Prince Joachim, who contracted coronavirus after attending a party in Spain, "regrets" his actions.
2020-05-31 22:55:16
How Venezuela's fuel crisis is hitting coronavirus victims
Venezuela's fuel crisis has been so acute that even funeral homes are struggling to transport bodies to the cemetery.
2020-05-31 23:46:35
Coronavirus: The South African village preparing for Covid-19
For people in South Africa's rural areas trying to protect themselves from Covid-19, hand washing in clean water isn't possible.
2020-05-31 23:01:40
Coronavirus: When will shops open and what will the rules be?
Non-essential shops can reopen in England in June, but will I be able to buy a book or have a haircut?
2020-05-27 12:32:03
Coronavirus: What are social distancing and self-isolation rules?
Guidelines to social contact are starting to change across the UK.
2020-05-31 17:16:57
In mid-Pacific with nowhere to land
A group of performers were halfway across the ocean in a 75ft boat when the pandemic erupted - leaving them with nowhere to go.
2020-05-30 23:17:47
Championship season set to resume on 20 June
The Championship will restart on 20 June, more than three months after it was suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic.
2020-05-31 20:29:19
Coronavirus: Which schools are reopening for pupils?
Which children will be the first to go back to school, and what about the rest?
2020-05-29 14:50:27
Coronavirus: What are the risks for children?
Children seem to be at low risk from the disease, but can they still spread it?
2020-05-29 18:05:38
Coronavirus: School return plan 'like a jigsaw puzzle'
A head teacher explains how she is piecing school life back together before children return.
2020-05-30 00:28:10